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We Buy High-Quality Medical Marijuana Flower And Processed Goods In Bulk

For our medical marijuana processing and growing partners in Oklahoma, having an outlet to sell their flower and processed goods is important. The time it takes to arrange delivery and traverse across the state to drop off orders, some of which can be small top-off orders, becomes the hardest part to manage. We simplify the entire process, purchasing in bulk from our growing and processing partners and then distributing it to the best dispensaries across Oklahoma. One location, one transaction, done. You'll be on your way back to the grow house or processing facility to begin on the next batch while resting easy knowing that new dispensaries and new patients are discovering your products and loving them.

How It Works

Flower & Trim

Sell Your Medical Marijuana Flower & Trim

We'll work with you to make it easy to see your flower in the best dispensaries across Oklahoma without the hassle of having to deliver in micro batches to dozens of dispensaries. We purchase in one large bulk order and then distribute it to our dispensary partners across Oklahoma, each of which represents your beautiful flower to the fullest. Our mission is to help you scale up your operation by providing you with an outlet for all of your medical marijuana flower that you grow, saving you time, money, and energy while increasing the demand for your flower and trim.

Processed Goods

Sell Your Processed Medical Marijuana Products

We purchase cannabis edibles, concentrates, cartridges, tinctures, capsules, topicals, beverages, and more in bulk from our processing partners in Oklahoma. We'll work with you to shore up your distribution line and make sure that your products are placed in dispensaries across the state, increasing your exposure and customer base while you're back at the lab working on new recipes and innovating in the medical marijuana processing space. We'll also let you know what patient and dispensary feedback is on your products as well as keep you in the loop on all of the latest product demands and trends as they happen so that you're always ahead of the curve.

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Our mission is to provide dispensaries with the highest quality medical marijuana flower, edibles, cartridges, concentrates, and more that they need to serve their medical patients in Oklahoma. We provide growers and processors a distribution outlet to sell their high-quality medical marijuana products through to dispensaries across the state without having to worry about delivery

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